Business Model Prevalence in Influencer Marketing on Instagram - This research project brings together expertise from Natural Language Processing (NLP) and European Consumer Law and aims to make a gap-filling contribution focused on determining which particular influencer marketing business models can be identified on social media, and how influencers use them.
  Public Justice: Mining User Opinion Related to Content Moderation - This research projects aims to analyse user's opinions toward banning of streamers from platforms like Twitch because of alleged violations of community guidelines or terms of service (e.g. on hate speech or harassment).
  Enelvo - A flexible normaliser for user-generated content in Portuguese. It is basically a tool (and Python module) for correcting non-standard words such as internet slang, spelling mistakes, and acronyms. Project I developed during my master's.
  Capivara.AI - An organization focused on developing NLP projects with the purpose of encouraging people to start working on the field. I am one of the founders and main contributors.
  MultiMT - Multi-modal Context Modelling for Machine Translation. I was part of the project while a student at the University of Sheffield.